Schlau: W/ D.Tiffany+ĀBNAMĀ am 27.02.2020

Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2020
23:50 Uhr
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Markgrafendamm 24c
10245 Berlin
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27th February we celebrate the first Schlau party of the year! Summon some divine energies for the new decade by dancing your little asses off honeyz. We are welcoming D.Tiffany and ĀBNAMĀ, two super exciting talents on the dance music scene that are sure to get the party popping, along with SCHLAU residents. Expect spaced out furor and pumping rhythms See you there!

✨✨✨✨✨Line Up:✨✨✨✨✨

👽D. Tiffany (Planet Euphorique)

👽ĀBNAMĀ (Dump,Climax)

👽Gustavo Cárdenas (Panea/Schlau)

👽Dj Serio (Schlau)

👽Ebrian (Schlau)


Schlau means being clever and ingenious in what you do. And we will try to bring the best of life together in a clever and ingenious way by combining the three vital party elements good music, good vibes and good surroundings and let you bring the fourth and indispensable element: good party people.

At Schlau, it is up to you to put yourself in focus and we want you to come completely as you are - by any means! All colours are beautiful is one of our main mantras. The same is all genders and sexualities. Besides that, you shall wear what you want to wear. We have no dress code but we expect you to look yourself in the mirror and like what you see! We don’t expect you to dress to impress – unless you want to impress yourself! We don’t expect you to show skin unless that it’s your way to win or you have a desire to seek for sin!"

The music that will delight your souls and bring the four elements to the next level is delivered to you by local upcoming artists. We seek to help people turn good to better – both behind the desks and in front of the speakers.

❤️ Artwork by Andy El Kanani -

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