136Grad x Yokoclub Sat. 1st June Chapter II 01.06.2019

  • Event: 136Grad x Yokoclub Sat. 1st June Chapter II
  • Datum: 01.06.2019
  • Uhrzeit: 23:59 Uhr
  • Location:



1st June // 23:59 H
Yoko Club
Valentinskamp 47

Chapter II

_The first party in our new home Yoko Club was an erotic extravagant affair! We are so excited to put that same energy into our next party. Dive into your deepest fantasies and come make the night magical with us again.

Praise the night, spread your wings embrace your truth.
136° is you, be you. Touch the forbidden corners of your mind. Break free, take your chains and slay them...seize the moment, seize their body. Touch the sky, touch their body.
136° is your forbidden fruit.

From our clubkids to our big beautiful bears, we have seen it all. Your kinky is the reason we are still here. We have found a new home, one, nothing short of awesome. We are now joining the Yoko club family for even more EXTRAVAGANT and SAUCY times. And rest assured, SEXY will be in the house.

136° is all about expressing yourself, no matter who and what you are, sexy sees no color, and feels no gender. Let's love equally ❤


Music matadors_
- tba

No Homophobia.
No Racism.
No Sexism.
No Hate
No Violence.

Be respectful.

♥ ♥ ♥

Problems? Feeling uncomfortable with something ?
Please inform our personnel. If you notice/experience harassing or discriminating behaviour, either verbal or physical, please do immediately inform our securities or door crew so we can interfere and help. We want to make the night as pleasant as possible for all guests.